Nothing better to experience Africa coming alive early morning in on of our well constructed blinds with Francolin calling nearby and the beautiful sunrise in a distance . . .


That’s when you KNOW it’s going to be another great day full of surprises!


Might this be the day where one of the cats will honour you by coming in for a drink? In this area we have African Wildcats, Caracal, Spotted Genets, Cheetah and the elusive Leopard. Don’t be too surprised to get an early morning or late afternoon visit by one of them at a waterhole.


This is what hunting with CHRISTIE’S ADVENTURES in Namibia is all about! Our clients’ wishes come first and everyone in our team is dedicated to our clients’ success. We also know that great trophies are very important but the hunt doesn’t stop there... just as important is spending quality time over here and having an unforgettable African experience. The quality of the hunt is what it’s all about.


This is why we have carefully selected our freelance Professional Hunters over the years to help out with the bigger groups. With Namibia’s dry climate it gives itself out for bow hunting from blinds close to waterholes. The best time for this is in the dry season from the beginning of June till the end of October.


Most of the personal bow hunting I do is by Walk & Stalk and I’d love to have hunters over here to experience it! This is best done in the ‘wet’ season when everything isn’t as noisy, from the beginning of February into May.  We have over 20 different species to hunt that includes the biggest (Giraffe and Eland) to the smallest (Steenbuck, Duiker and Damara Dik-Dik)


We have privately owned land of 12 000 acres with 8 permanent blinds that are for bow hunting ONLY. We also like to do some of the bow hunting in our conservancy Loxodonta Africana (African Elephant) that is 650 000acres. This is done from Double bull pop-up blinds in the more remote areas or from one of our 10 constructed blinds.

Some of them are elevated blinds and others are pit blinds that give you the opportunity to shoot at an animal on eye level. Being a dedicated bow hunter myself blinds are built to suit every need a bow hunter wants. We have excellent Bushmen trackers and also use dogs if necessary to follow up on wounded game.

Legal Requirements by Law:
A Hunting guide, Master Hunting Guide or Professional Hunters with additional qualifications for guiding bow hunters must be guiding trophy hunters visiting Namibia. Bow hunting for trophies may only take place in areas that are registered with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. All trophy hunting permits shall be organized by us,

Bow energy is specified as follows:
Small Game – 25ft/lb (Steenbuck, Duiker etc.)
Medium Game – 40ft/lb (Springbuck, Impala etc.)
Big Game – 60ft/lb (Kudu, Zebra, Eland etc.)


Daily rates:

U$ 475 1x1 per day
U$ 375 2x1 per day

Non hunters and under 16 years U$200 per day

This day rates includes accommodation, meals, soft drinks and beer, hunting guides, trackers & skinners, field preparation and hunting permits. This does not include airfare, preparation of trophies, or shipping.

Arrival and departure days U$100 per day per person.


Costs (U$)


Giraffe 2900

U$ 475. per hunter per day

Non hunters U$ 250.

Package 1

8 day Safari for U$ 6800.





Eland 1850
Kudu 1550
Red Hartebees 900
Gemsbuck (Oryx) 950
Hartmann's Mountain Zebra 1350

Please note:

Warthog 450

Arrival and departure days are included

in the Hunting Package

Days or other species can be added

onto these Hunting Packages if wanted.

Springbuck 750
Duiker 600
Steenbuck 650
Damara Dik-Dik 1150
Klipspringer 950
Baboon (trophy) 200    
Blesbuck 950


Blue Wildebeest 1150
Black Wildebeest 1500

We also do excursions, sightseeing and other activities such

as a overnight visit to Etosha National Park, the Skeleton Coast and many more to keep the observers busy! Contact us to arrange for an sight seeing trip to suit

your wallet and diary!

If you wish to book through an booking agent in the States contact me for details

Impala 950
Spotted Hyena 950
Brown Hyena 2500
African Wildcat 250
Spotted Genet 250
Honey Badger 650    
Porcupine 250  
Antbear 450
Cheetah 3500
Leopard Trophy 8000
Lion Male Upon request  
Lion Female Upon request
Elephant Upon request
Crocodile Upon request




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